The Happiness Project

“There exists, within all humanity, a state of euphoria and joy which is discovered between a state of non-existence and reality”.
-Tony Kane

The Happiness Project is exclusive to Tony Kane Counselling. It is a 7-session course based upon the reversal and healing of all the misinterpreted, imprinted life experiences, education, intelligence and memories stored in the brain. The brain is the central intelligence agency the mind uses to form knowledge but what it thinks it knows is either very limited or completely in error.

The outdated “I think therefore I am” assertion from Descartes in 1647, used in modern psychology is correct if the mind is allowed to control the person that owns it. Having been taught to believe Descartes assertion the mind is now out of control for most of us and delivering a life full of sadness, anxiety, frustration, anger and a lack of true identity.

The truth to a life of happiness and joy, abundance and richness, and fulfilling relationships is in understanding the opposite of Descartes assertion, “I am therefore I think”.

The Happiness Project uses spiritual practices in mindfulness and meditation to slow the mind down, enabling you to understand and connect with your truth and authenticity to become self‑empowered, happy, and successful while participating in life.

Life won’t change, but the ability to participate in it with the power of love will.

The Happiness Project is unique to Tony Kane Counselling, with some of the world’s most high‑profile spiritual teachers currently learning this practise.

If you are ready to change your life forever, please reach out to Tony directly for more information.