Spirituality & Mindfulness

“Being spiritual has nothing to do with what you believe and everything to do with your state of consciousness”.
― Eckhart Tolle


Spirituality is a practice that enables a person to be aware of their own consciousness and most personal issues today can be dealt with simply by becoming conscious. Many people are essentially asleep while awake as they are not conscious of the fact they are thinking, and how those thoughts are affecting their egos. They are acting out every thought without being conscious of it.

By seeking silence within you will become aware of something greater than yourself but is part of your existence in this life; thought ceases to inhibit the connection to this higher self. Within the stillness you become aware that you are not your body, your thoughts or emotions and you experience total freedom – you have discovered your spirit.

Because we can’t remove ourselves from the world of form and still expect to find our authentic selves, you can learn to find a sense of space while still dealing with things in the world, even while you think. This is where the practice of mindfulness and meditation comes into its own.


Traditionally being mindful is a state of mindfulness of how you treat others, but from a spiritual perspective, the mindfulness practice is being mindful of your thoughts and in the fact that you are thinking.

The thoughts you are having may come from both external and internal sources;

External source; the thoughts you are having are coming at you from outside yourself based upon the intelligence held within your brain. This intelligence has been accumulated from life experiences, education, parents, teachers, peers, and so on. There is nothing wrong with this information but it does not indicate what or who you are and the ability to make conscious self-aware decisions is very limited.

Internal source; this is a state of mindfulness which takes you outside of external thought processes and directs you to a place of spaciousness internally where you can achieve and experience the fullness of life. Decision making is based on very powerful and accurate intuitive senses and mindfulness in this sense is a practice that leads you to your higher self; it becomes a spiritual practice.


Meditation is arguably one of the most powerful spiritual practices enabling mindfulness, awareness, and consciousness. The practice of meditation needs to be continuous and regular and even five minutes can be difficult for people. We understand.

Regular meditation opens the gateway to experience the silence within, outside of the incessant noise and thinking of the mind. Once silence has been discovered it opens up the awareness of the higher or authentic self, making the practice of mindfulness easier to maintain as you live in the world of form and thought.

The mind creates its own beliefs, values, and morals based upon everything external unless it is shown a better way to think. Regular meditation enables a connection for the ego to discover the error of its thinking and replace the intelligence. The new intelligence then becomes valued above the original thought and new thoughts of value begin to assist the ego to live life with better purpose and motivation. It is possible for us all.

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