Relationships & Love

“When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace”.
– Dalai Lama


When two people meet to share themselves with each other often things can get mixed up. The love is there but it can become lost in doubt, misunderstandings and interference from outside influences.

Every relationship will go through its close and loving times as well as its tough and distant times. The key is to cherish the times of closeness and love, but to also use and appreciate the times of separateness and distance. The separate and distance is the relationship showing you something needs to change within each of you. This is the opportunity for each partner to discover more of their loving self and add that to the relationship. The main focus for each partner in any relationship is that of self-discovery and self-nurturing.


Love is the being in each of us which in turn produces feelings of joy, happiness, togetherness, intimacy, abundance and trust. Having an awareness of being love promotes healthy trust, forgiveness, mutual respect, and interdependence (as opposed to co-dependence), which is far more productive and honouring toward each other – enabling each partner to be their authentic, loving, transparent and creative self within the relationship

The awareness of being love with each other promotes, quite naturally, the ability to be love for each other when the going gets tough. The ability to serve and nurture becomes the dominant focus without interfering with the others journey of life and independence.

The Truth of being love is that it is enduring and can never fail.

If you need help finding love or being happy within your current partnership or relationships, Tony can help you. Individuals and couples are welcome.

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