Mindfulness Introductory Workshop

Mindfulness Introductory Workshop

For those who have never been introduced to Mindfulness or are relatively new at it, this is an offer you can’t afford to miss. This workshop explains how it works, and in real time, you will experience some of the benefits of it by partaking in the meditations I use to bring about a state of relaxation and clear thought.

What will you take away from this workshop?

Being an introductory workshop, it consists of meditations that you will learn and take home with you, including reading material of all facts and theory discussed within the 4 hours of the workshop.

There are different types of meditation, from visualizing and stress relieving to self-examination and/or connecting to Divine. This workshop will explain the point of meditation and dispell the myths surrounding them. They will become more workable, accessible and practical in their application.

The meditations will include breathing meditation, focusing meditations and the discovery of silence within. You will experience almost immediately the calming and peaceful effects of meditations and how the mind can talk to the body creating a better experience for healing emotional issues.

For Groups (Minimum of 4 participants, as and when the workshops become available)


1 Session of 4 hours


$150.00 per participant

For Couples or Singles Maximum of 2 participants (On application)


1 session of 3 hours


$150.00 per couple

Bearing in mind that this is a ‘level 1’ workshop in Mindfulness Practices, you may be interested to know there are 3 more levels enabling ‘enlightenment’. These practices are Eastern in origin that has been ‘westernized’ so we can enjoy the benefits of them. The term ‘enlightenment’ comes from a perception of ‘beingness’ which means to say that you are able to connect and enjoy a life that is dynamic, motivated, purposeful, meaningful, joyful amongst much more. The 3 stages enable you to connect with that part of you which is your own authentic way of thinking and living, in the profoundness of the Higher Intelligence and Consciousness discovered within you.

You may be interested in signing up for the Unconditioned Mind Masterclass which takes you on a far deeper journey within, where you will reach the most positive results in your thinking and mental landscape. If this is of any interest to you, please enquire and I will send you a brochure detailing the Unconditioned Mind Masterclass.