Mindfulness Workshops

Mindfulness Workshop Links:

Mindfulness, Consciousness and Awareness Beginners Workshop

For those who have never been introduced to Mindfulness or are relatively new at it, this is an offer you can’t afford to miss. This workshop explains how it works, and in real time, you will experience some of the benefits of it by partaking in the meditations I use to bring about a state of relaxation and clear thought.

Unconditioned Mind Masterclass

This workshop is designed to take you from the basic understanding and practice of mindfulness to navigate through the remaining layers of the conditioned brain and body resulting in the discovery of your Unconditioned Mind. Unconditioned Mind Masterclass will share with you the tools to adjust your inner and outer perceptions enabling a higher essence of thought, creativity, and freedom unlike that which you may have believed or experienced; your thought life and mental landscape will gently adjust into a deeper understanding of life and what, who and where you are in it

The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project is based upon the reversal of all the misinterpreted, imprinted life experiences, education and memories stored in the body/brain. The Happiness Project uses spiritual practices in mindfulness to slow the thinking brain down, enabling you to connect with your truth and authenticity.