Personal & Life Challenges

“I am, therefore I think”.
– Tony Kane


Mental Wellness

Personal and mental challenges such as depression, anxiety and stress come from the same place within the mind and are difficult to separate. It’s easy to get trapped within ones’ thoughts unless the mind is taken somewhere else within.

There are two ways of handling life and the events that are thrown in:

  1. External; you believe your decisions and life are controlled by environmental factors that you cannot influence.
  2. Internal; you believe you have control of your life, where you take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, decisions, and actions and their impact on your life.

Many people are not aware of their power within and so look at life completely from an external point of view. The ability to direct attention inwardly allows for greater control of depression, anxiety and stress. Complete emotional freedom means life’s challenges become accepted gratefully and seen as a chance to discover the real person within.

Descarte asserted “I think therefore I am” which if you are externally focused, is correct. Lack of any personal power. Controlled completely by thought and the mind.

Tony teaches the reverse, the internal focus; I am, therefore I think. The “I am” represents the inner or higher self ensuring new and empowering thought to the mind. The ego then changes itself willingly to this new paradigm.



Often the mental health issues people are working through are emotional as we all attempt to be “normal” and fit into society’s rules. The problem is, expectations of society sometimes feel so high that the expectations of oneself become impossible to attain.

With this focus on the external and not internal, a sense of hopelessness forms in that nothing can change and there so no way out – all personal power is lost.

The answer in helping anyone with suicidal and self-harm intentions is to lead them back to their inner being, their heart, to discover they have full control over their feelings and life. Personal power becomes a reality.


Financial Freedom

Just like love, financial freedom is a being discovered within a person and not dependent upon the external. Financial freedom is discovering your authenticity in life, which gives purpose, motivation and complete freedom to be what they truly are. Once this is discovered, nothing can stop your creativity in becoming successful and financially free.

“Ownership is not in the having of it. Ownership is in the knowing of it”

Whether it is finances or an item of desire, you need to become conscious of it and consciousness can only be accessed through your natural authentic self, your heart.
Abundance; life itself is abundant. Once the heart is open the abundance of life can be sensed and experienced, out of which wealth is attained.
Rich; life itself is rich in all its fullness. Once richness of life is experienced riches become a reality.
Freedom; life is free. Nothing could be as simple and as truthful as this. Once these thoughts have been worked through you will experience life in all its freedom.

To become financially free is to become the natural authentic self.

If you or someone close to you needs help with mental illness and life challenges, Tony can help. Please reach out below.