About Tony


Hi, I’m Tony Kane and I am here offering Holistic Counselling as an alternative to what people see as “normal” counselling and therapy. I’m most certainly not a psychiatrist nor am I a psychologist. Let’s get that one straight. I am a Holistic Counsellor. This is somewhat different than psychology or psychiatry. Although, what I do is similar in approach, the effects of what I do may be seen as somewhat more “eco-friendly” on a personal basis. And by this I mean I can teach you how to deal with those issues that have been bothering you for years.

We see, on T.V. a lot of advertising in respect to “Mental Health” and in a sense, it is true that the “Mental Health” of so many people in society can be viewed as disturbing, to say the least. But I, personally, don’t view it as the biggest issue. What I see that creates the “Mental Health Issues” is the lack of “Emotional Connection” within each person, and the ability (or lack thereof) to deal with the “Feeling Matter” of life. We’ve been taught not to take a lot of notice of our feelings and carry on regardless, when in fact, to gloss over our “feelings” is the actual issue. Hence we now have a culture of “pill-poppers” to eradicate those feelings but nothing changes. In fact, things may get worse.

Anxiety, depression, anger, lack of motivation, love and the lack of, financial lack; all these can be turned around with some listening and learning of some very simple methods to change your own outlook on life, whatever that may be. By getting back into the “feeling” of life, you have a far better chance of delivering to yourself, and many others around you, a more authentic, exciting, loving and present you! From there on life gets so much better.

The method I use is actually very simple and easy to understand. I have used this for the best part of my life (since about 30 years old) and have been able to “deal with” so many issues within myself, including drug addiction, anger issues, anxiety, depression and a few more. So, I’m not reading it from a book and just teaching you want I don’t know or making any guesses. I’m giving you what I know that works and its drug free (eco-friendly). Does it take a bit of work? Well, yes it does. When we want to know who and what we really are on this earth, it is actually the only work you need to accomplish to create a great life. I have managed to create a set of processes that work; relatively pain free…yes we need to understand the past to understand how to create a better future; it will involve a bit of homework

I work with one-on-one mentoring or counselling, relationships and marriage issues, addictions, anger, anxiety and stress related management, abuse (including spiritual or religious abuse) and life coaching.

When you step through the doors of Tony Kane Counselling, you are stepping into your true potential and beginning the most exciting journey of your own, creating everyday as a success no matter what comes your way. Welcome to Tony Kane Counselling.

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