Tony Kane offers an alternative to traditional counselling and therapy methods. With more than 16 years experience Tony is not a psychiatrist or psychologist, he is a Consciousness Coach and teacher of a type of Mindfulness that goes deeper than most.

Although what he does is similar in approach, Tony can teach you how to deal with life’s challenges and help you unpack those stories that have been bothering you for years.

He will listen and hear you. You will learn how to connect to your depth of self and those around you for a more authentic, loving, and happy life.

Tony holds small group or one-on-one mentoring and counselling sessions, specializing in relationships and love, depression and stress, spirituality and purpose, and financial freedom.


When you step through the doors of Tony Kane Counselling, you are stepping into your true potential and beginning the most exciting journey of your own.

Tony is ready to see you now.